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Why Our Tennis Camps Are the Best

adidas Tennis Camps are currently offered in 19 states around the country. It doesn’t matter where one of our camps takes place — there is always an emphasis on creating a positive atmosphere while receiving tennis training from experts.

When your children (and they can be anywhere from 8 to 18 years old) attend a tennis clinic of ours, those at the top of the sport will be there to help them hone and improve their on-court skills.

We have a wide range of coaches, which includes former tennis pros, successful college coaches and current top college players.

Having the best coaches around is one of the reasons why our tennis camps are the best, but the other reason is because they’re dedicated to making every single camper better. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is – you’ll receive individualized lessons to ensure you’ll leave camp a better player than when you arrived.

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What You Will Learn at Our Tennis Clinics

Whether it’s a day tennis camp or an overnight tennis camp, campers will learn everything necessary to excel on the court. Some of the things we focus on include the following:

  • Perfecting the Serve
  • Improving Form
  • Playing With Integrity
  • Being a Good Sport
  • Preparing Mentally
  • Setting Goals

Our adidas Tennis Summer Camps pack in 30 hours of instruction, which includes plenty of individualized time with campers. Upon completing a tennis summer camp with us, attendees will be able to swing better (both forehand and backhand) and serve better while also conquering the mental aspect of the game.