4 Things to Know About Summer Sports Camps


Let’s be honest — there are a ton of summer sports camps out there to choose from. With this in mind, that also means there is way too much information out there to choose from, and it’s sometimes hard to keep everything straight.

That’s what we’re here to help. If you’re heading to one of our many offerings here at eCamps, then these are four things you need to know about before arriving.

Ability Groups

Whether you’re a field hockey player, softball player, or squash player, we pride ourselves on the fact that everyone is welcome to attend one of our summer camps each year if they want to, regardless of age and ability. Whether you’re just starting out in a particular sport or a top high school competitor, we’ll make sure that everyone in attendance will get the instruction necessary to improve by the end of camp.

A common question we get from interested athletes and their families is how we go about grouping players. The first thing we’ll do after everyone checks in is group players by age before re-grouping them again by ability. We’ll go through what we have scheduled for the first day, and if there’s a need to change things up, groups will be updated on the second day of camp.

Presence of Medical Professionals

The goal is for everyone to have a fun and memorable experience that includes growing both their physical and mental skills, but we understand that accidents happen. That’s why there is an athletic trainer on site at every camp in order to aid in illness, injury prevention, and first aid.

Something that can be overlooked a lot is injury prevention — injuries are sometimes inevitable, but taking the necessary precautions before taking the field or court can help keep players at 100% longer than their opponents.

Bring Your Health Form!

This truly can’t be overstated enough. All campers are required to have a completed health form in order to participate at camp. You can either fill out our health for — which you can find here — or use the doctors form and use our form as a cover page. Please make sure that the contact information and parent signature are also completed.

Remember, if you don’t have this done and with you upon checking in, we won’t be able to allow you to play, which we really don’t want to happen. You’re already going to be there, so it’d be a real bummer if you had to turn around and go home. So don’t forget it!

If the Weather Isn’t Good…

Depending on the sport, it doesn’t really matter what the weather is doing while you’re at camp. If you’re at an International Squash Academy Camp or Fusion Swim Camp, it really won’t matter since you’ll likely be indoors anyways. But what about the other sports we offer that predominantly play outdoors? Don’t worry, we have a plan.

Revolution Field Hockey camps, Revolution Softball Camps, and adidas Tennis Camps will focus on team building strategy sessions, and individual meetings when the weather doesn’t allow them to head out to the field. For those at a GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp, our coaching staff will be prepared to focus on team building, video analysis, and individual meetings.