Check Out All the Skills You’ll Learn and Sharpen at Summer Sports Camp


The rumors are true — we want your summer sports camp experience to be a holistic one that you can enjoy from start to finish. However, we also know that the main reason you’re coming to camp is to hone the skills in your respective sport!

In the grand scheme of things, youth campers won’t be spending a whole lot of time with us — after all, our camps range from just a couple days to a week — so it’s imperative that the time we do have together is utilized properly. This becomes even more important depending on the type of camp you plan on attending this summer.

Whether it’s an overnight, extended day, day, half-day, or any other type of camp we have available, we’re can assure you that campers will partake in a schedule that is full of activities they’ll enjoy and that are useful. However, it is obvious that we must prioritize certain things more than others in day or half-day camps compared to extended day or overnight offerings just because there are fewer hours to work with.

Still, we’re committed to helping our campers either learn or improve in the following skills, depending on the sport you play.

Field Hockey

  • Dribbling
  • Passing and Receiving
  • Ball Control
  • Shooting
  • Defensive Tackling
  • Positioning
  • Teamwork
  • Agility
  • Footwork
  • Scanning & Tracking
  • 3D Skills


  • Defense (team and individual
  • Ground balls
  • Dodging
  • Shooting
  • Fast Breaks
  • Triangle Offense
  • Stick Skills
  • Clears
  • Man Up, Man Down
  • Face-Off and Wing Play


  • Being a Good Sport
  • Perfecting the Serve
  • Improving form
  • Playing With Integrity
  • Setting Goals
  • Preparing Mentally


  • Batting: hit and runs, stance improvement, pull hitting, bunting and hitting for power.
  • Pitching: motions, release points, and communication with catcher
  • Fielding: Catching pop ups and grounders, along with performing relay throw and turning double plays.
  • Base-Running: stealing, pickles, and tagging up.
  • Nutrition and Conditioning


  • Serves
  • Grip
  • Drops
  • Boast
  • Drives
  • Lobs
  • Court movements
  • Swing mechanics
  • Forehand and backhand
  • Rules and marking
  • Serves
  • Refereeing


  • Breathing
  • Body Positioning
  • Mechanics
  • Turn and Conditioning
  • Back and Freestyle Strokes
  • Underwater Kicking
  • Flip and Open Turns

It’s also important to remember that virtually all of our camp offerings are open to everyone, regardless of age and/or skill level. So, it doesn’t matter to us whether you’re just starting out in the sport and want to build your foundation, or if you’re a top high school player looking to gain another edge over your competition — we have something for everyone.

This is made possible by our low camper-to-coach ratios that enable us to provide personalized instruction. You can only improve so much in huge group drills that end up being pretty boring by the end of any particular day. Our top-notch coaching staff takes the time to get to know you, evaluate your current skill level, and make sure you’re grouped with other players on the same level.

Between getting the individual attention every player needs, setting goals to strive for, having a caring staff on hand, and a detailed daily schedule of instruction, campers will have everything they need to improve in all facets of their game.