Here’s What a Daily Schedule Could Look Like For Extended Day Sports Camps


It’s important to us at eCamps to provide various kinds of opportunities to campers each summer. We know that everyone is different, meaning that one certain kind of experience may not appeal to them as much as it could to others. This is why we make sure to offer a bunch of different camp formats, allowing families and the athletes that will be attending to pick one that best suits their needs and schedule. The formats range from half-day, day, extended day, and overnight camps. There are many that enjoy having a long day at camp — sometimes as long as 12 hours! — but would truly just prefer to sleep in the comfort of their own bed at night. And you know what — we…

The Best New York Sports Camps to Attend This Summer


Here at eCamps, we pride ourselves on having a ton of options for youth athletes who’d like to hone their skills at a summer sports camp. We have camps all across the country that are always at the nicest facilities in town, and we don’t just stop there! We also do our best to offer various camp formats at each of these locations. While it’s sometimes not always possible, many locations have some combination of half-day, day, extended day, or overnight camps available depending on your particular preference. One of the popular spots for our camps is the great state of New York. If you participate in field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, or swimming, we have a summer sports camp available to you for 2018! You can see…